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12 Completely Free Video Game Albums from August 2013


Now this is a shocker. Despite the fact that many people are returning to the routine of school and real life, having had their summers and vacations, it seemed that now musicians decided to break their dry spell of free gaming albums now. What caused this to happen? Maybe artists wanted to get their projects completed before the fall came? Maybe they were thinking, in a tiny part of their minds, that we desperately needed new music to help us survive the oncoming winter?


...Heck, I'm not one to complain. Let's get right to the good stuff: The free albums! If you're looking for even more free music, you can check out some of my past round-ups.



Pokemon: The Eevee EP




After finally finishing and releasing their massive Final Fantasy VI album, OCRemix decided to scale it down a bit for their next release. The Eevee EP focuses on, you guessed it, Eevee and all of its evolutions. The soundtrack takes nine tracks and remixes them in a style representative of of Eeveelution's type. The EP is only nine tracks, but is well worth the download.


Sample Tracks:


Download here



Anodyne Remix Album




Anodyne is an indie title that looks a bit like a Zelda game, but carries the much deeper theme of exploring the sub-conscious. As such, the game is well-known for having a great and fitting soundtrack. Unfortunately... the OST is not free (it's $2.50 on Bandcamp), but this remix album is free for all to download. These remixes are not of low quality either--they may not be the original tracks, but they are very much worth the clicks and bandwidth!


Sample Tracks:

Download here



Heaven Variant Emergency Soundtrack




Heaven Variant was to be a pretty neat shump... unfortunately the game was cancelled. It's a shame, since it seemed like it was going well and had a great soundtrack. Well... we may not get the game, but at least the soundtrack is available for free! You can get the .AAC version of the soundtrack for free, but if you want .MP3s, you'll have to give at least fifty cents to the artist on the bandcamp page.


Sample Tracks: (the official names are not on Youtube)

Download here



Mars: War Logs Original Soundtrack




You may have heard of Mars: War Logs; Harrison Lee did review it, after all. Well now, you can download the indie sci-fi RPG soundtrack for free. This game features rather somber, more post-apocalyptic tracks as opposed to more typical upbeat sounds, so it may be a nice OST to round out your gaming music collection.


Sample Tracks:


Download here



Charlie Murder the Soundtrack




Charlie Murder, riding on the current beat-'em-up fad, recently came out to downloadable platforms. One of the interesting things about this title was the soundtrack, actually--hardcore rocking tracks written by the game's (fictional) band, Charlie Murder. Being able to get the whole soundtrack for free as a pretty neat gesture from the developers. Download it and rock out!


Sample Tracks:

, Death By Everything

Download here



Remember Me Music Contest - Best Of




Back in July, Capcom held a remix contest for Remember Me, the winner getting a bunch of cool stuff for their awesome remixed track. However, not only the musician won out in the end... we got some awesome music produced for the event, as well! Capcom compiled what they thought was the best of the large amount of submissions and distributed it for free.


Sample Tracks: Give the download page a look!

Download here



Pause Ahead OST Side A




Pause Ahead is an odd little game. Made by the same guy that make the hard-yet-excellent Tower of Heaven, Pause Ahead is another very difficult platformer with a very interesting twist. As such, the soundtrack holds a bit of adrenaline to it, and its 8-bit feel is very nice and nostalgic. Side A only contains five tracks, but...


Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page!

Download here



Pause Ahead OST Side B




...We got Side B of the game's tracks as well! Side B has the game's other five tracks. Considering the game's size, that's still a goo amount of tracks! Also, if you want, you can try Pause Ahead for free right here.


Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page!

Download here



Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing!




Have you heard of Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing!? The game made a bit of a splash at the Something Awful GameDev Challenge VII, and with good reason... those instead of explaining it, it's just far better to give it a try! The soundtrack is... well, it isn't too great to be honest, but it's for a typing game, and it's free, so here we have it!


Sample Tracks: Wouldn't it be better to experience these moving tracks in-game?

Download here



Icarus Proudbottom & The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain




Fun fact: Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing! was not the first game in the Icarus Proudbottom series. First came... well, this game... that mainly involves the main character trying to stop his explosive (and momentum gaining) diarrhea. So yeah, it's a game. And this is the soundtrack to that game. Give it a download... if you dare.


Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page!

Download here



Knytt Underground




The Knytt series is one of those series that the indie 'hipsters' know about--it's not quite mainstream, but somewhat popular nevertheless. Knytt Underground is the newest entry to that series, and its now free soundtrack is pretty massive. This album is a huge six 'discs' long, packed full of ambient tracks that are relatively chill in nature. Even if you don't plan on picking up the game, this OST's worth downloading.


Sample Tracks: Amazing Sandwiches, Fire Resistance is Awkward for Obvious Reasons

Download here



Oldie But Still a Freebie!

Ao Vivo Em Conserva




Gameboys is a Brazilian band that, of course, plays remixed gaming tracks. In February 2012, they did a pretty big live performance... and this album is the result of that show. Since it was a live event, the sound may not have the same quality as some of the other albums listed, but the tracks themselves are solid, and feature some neat remixes of both popular tracks and some you may have forgotten about.


Sample Tracks: It was a live event... give it a download!

Download here



Whew, that's quite a bit of music there! I have to wonder what next month will bring... maybe our gaming music playlists will grow as large and as full as this holiday season is planning to be for the rest of gaming? We'll have to see!


What's your favorite album this month? Any albums I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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