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13 Completely Free Video Game Music Albums From April 2013


I know you've been counting the days until the end of the month. "I need my fix!", you proclaimed loudly at the Game Podunk homepage. "Where is it!? It's been a whole month already!" Well, worry no more. I've come to help you.


It's hard waiting a whole month for your monthly music fix, but don't worry... you've made it. That's right, April is over, and that means twelve new albums (and one old) to download and get your music mojo on! April had two particular themes going on, actually: Love for Sonic and awesome mainstream composers giving their hit tracks out for free. Even so, though, it's a great month to be a gaming music fan!


If you need even more gaming music, check out these posts for releases earlier in the year. Now grab your headphones and click away!





Banjo Kazooie Complete Game Soundtrack


Grant Kirkhope is a generous man. Over the past month, he has released three of his albums from Rare games into the wild, free for everyone to download. This is the first. The Banjo Kazooie soundtrack gives us 17 tracks of the iconic music. It may have been a while since you've played the game, but this album might give you the urge to give the N64 game another go!


Download here

Sample Tracks:






Banjo Tooie CD Soundtrack


The second of Kirkhope's gifts to us this month is, unsurprisingly, the soundtrack to Banjo Tooie. Being Banjo-Kazooie's sequel, we can expect more of great sounds from the original in this 14 track compilation. It's almost as if Kirkhope wants us to delve into these classics again!


Download here

Sample Tracks:





Perfect Dark Dual CD Soundtrack


The final of Kirkhope's releases April comes to us on the final day... it's almost like a farewell to a month of fantastic music releases! These Perfect Dark tracks, while no longer on a CD, are sure to give fans another great Rare-flavored nostalgia trip.


Download here

Sample Tracks:






The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012


Of all the Sonic album you're about the see, this one is the most massive. The year-long efforts of a entire community of Sega fans, The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012 is a gigantic album that is essentially the group's love letter to the company. While the 157 tracks are mostly Sonic remixes, other Sega franchises are represented as well, such as Ristar and NiGHTS. If you're looking for only one album this month (why would you?), this is the best bang for your download.


Download here

Sample Tracks:






Sonic Classic 2: Original Soundtrack


Before we get started, it's worth noting that Sonic Classic 2 isn't the name of the album: It's the name of a Sonic fan game. As you might expect from the name, Sonic Classic 2 is more in the vein of the classic Genesis games, and this 32 track album helps reflect that image. For those aching for some classic Sonic sounds that are, at the same time, new and unique, look no further than this album.


Download here

Sample Tracks:






Blue Skies, Green Hills


Musicians sure have a love for Sonic this month, don't they? This 10 track tribute album takes tracks from Sonic games across many years, and the remixes are made by a variety of artists... heck, there's even a hip-hop track in there! If you're looking for some Sonic remixes that are a little more offbeat, give this a listen.


Download here

Sample Tracks: Second Adventure, Everything Was Green





Biohazard EP


Don't get too excited, Resident Evil fans; this isn't a remix of tracks from the survivor horror series... rather, it's (yet another) Sonic album! This four track album is a bit... weird, though. While the first two tracks are DjjD's original works, the second two are remixes of the Chemical Plant music from Sonic 2. Very short, but sweet.


Download here

Sample Tracks: Check the download page!





Mayhem Triple Official Soundtrack


Mayhem Triple is an odd game... apparently one about bunny invaders. I'm not quite sure what to think of the game itself... but the soundtrack is top notch. Mr. Podunkian (Editor's note: Hey, nice name!) said that he was inspired musically by another game of a similar vein: Earth Defense Force 2017. If that isn't making you frantically clicking the download link, I'm not sure what will.


Download here

Sample Tracks: The blog post has playable links to all the tracks; check the download link!





The Adventures of Dash Advance Preview EP


The Adventures of Dash isn't quite out yet, but Danny Baranowsky (well known for his work on the Super Meat Boy soundtrack) decided to share some of the music from this game ahead of time! The music seems to encompass a happy, cheerful game... and carries Baranowsky's awesome and unique signature. What a great way to build hype for the game!


Download here

Sample Tracks: Check the download link!





Complete Composer Edition of Kameo: Elements of Power


While Kirk Granthope shared three albums of his work this month, he wasn't the only mainstream artist to share his work for free this month. Ex-Rare composer Steve Burke also shared one of his works this month--the complete edition to the Xbox game Kameo: Elements of Power. Yet another generous gift from a more mainstream musician!


Download here

Sample Tracks: The file names are a little funky, so I had trouble finding the right matchups. Give it a download!





Mystery Gift: An Original Pokemon Tribute


This album isn't a remix or re-imagining of some of Pokemon's tracks; rather, it's a tribute to the series using original tracks they convey what the musician feels about the series at hand. Sounds a bit like musical art interpretation, right? Anyway, this eight track album certainly sounds like it came out out of a Pokemon game... any Pokemon fan should give it a download.


Download here

Sample Tracks: Another bandcamp album, another time to tell you to click the download link!





Fire Emblem: War Memories


Shiryu pumps out a gaming album almost every month... a very impressive feat seeing as he's only one man! This month he gives us a massive tribute to the Fire Emblem series. Shiryu covers tracks in both the newer and older games, and is a great listen for any Fire Emblem fan. It's also worth noting that this album's pretty big--spanning all the games, it round out at 30 tracks. That's a lot of listening potential!


Download here

Sample Tracks:



Oldie But Still a Freebie



The Legend of Zelda: The Essence of Lime


This month's oldie as actually quite old, at least by internet standards; this Oracles of Ages remix album came out way back in June of 2010. This project had one goal in mind: Showing the world how awesome the Game Boy Color game's music was, and doing so with imaginings by various artists for many of Oracle of Ages' tracks. This shows in the 42 tracks that The Essence of Lime spans. Whether you played the original game or not, this is worth a listen just by the quality of the tracks alone.


Download here

Sample Tracks:



That's all for April's musical offerings. Despite the general overload of Sonic, there's quite a bit of variety (and nostalgia!) hidden away in these albums. There's something for most fans to find here.


Which albums are your favorite? Any singles you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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