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13 Completely Free Video Game Music Albums from December 2013


Tis the season of giving! While we saw that the game industry tends to be a bit lethargic on the releases during December, out generous musicians are anything but. This month brings us many musical gifts, with enough albums to placate a variety of musical tastes.


So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get to clicking on these great, free albums!



Strider - Fall of the Grandmaster




Hyde209 is giving us not one, but two albums this month. This first one, you may have guessed, remixes the soundtrack from Strider. This 25-track album is done in a style that resembles music (the actual music scene, not video game music) from the time of the game's release, giving the tracks a very rock-like feel. If you're a fan of Strider, this album should be a no-brainer.


Sample Tracks:


Download here



Best of Hyde209 Vol. 3




The second of Hyde209's offerings this month is a compilation of remixes from various games. Like the previous album, this Best Of album is very much rock-based, so if you're looking for some rock covers from a plethora of games, give this album a download.


Sample Tracks:

Download here



Mega Man XXV - The First and 1/2




Shiryu is also giving us multiple albums this month, though I didn't have the foresight to lump them together like I did the others. Anyhow, this album continues his tribute to the Mega Man series by remixing tracks from the Mega Man Game Boy title. While that game did essentially have Robot Masters from the first and second games, and by extension the same themes, it's a good reason to remix those tracks again.


Sample Tracks:

Download here



Mega Man Time Tangent - The Fight For History!!




Mega Man Time Tangent has an interesting story. Back in 2008, this was meant to be a fan-game. Unfortunately, plans fell through, and the game was never made. However, a fair amount of the soundtrack was done, and the musicians decided to finish it up and put it up for free as their tribute to the Blue Bomber. That said, while these aren't remixes or anything, these tracks have a decidedly Mega Man feel, so if you want something that sounds like Mega Man that isn't quite Mega Man, Time Tangent has you covered.


Sample Tracks:


Download here



F-ZERO GO FAST! - Galactic G.P. Edition




This second album by Shiryu might seem familiar; that's because a few months back he released four F-Zero albums in a single month, filling our speakers with glorious sounds of Big Blue and Mute City. To make it easier for those that missed out before, he put all of the albums together in one download. Also, some of the tracks are remastered and a previously unreleased track is included, so it's still worth a look even if you grabbed the separate volumes before!


Sample Tracks:

Download here



Blast Processing XXV




Shiryu's final offering this month is a tribute to the Sega Genesis. Cleverly enough, the album has 25 tracks from 25 Genesis games to celebrate the system's 25 anniversary. These remixes are a bit conservative, but it's nice to hear these iconic tracks getting some love.


Sample Tracks:

Download here



Masterspace Original Soundtrack




If you haven't heard of Masterspace, it's essentially Minecraft in space. You can build a number of things (some objects more sci-fi feeling than others), explore the worlds the universe creates, and so on. That said, the game's soundtrack matches the theme of the game well, with overall mellow, very space-y sounding tracks.


Sample Tracks: You'll have to check the Bandcamp page!

Download here



Ultionius: A Soundtrack of Petty Revenge




Ultionus is a game inspired by retro computer action games, a part all of the indie developers and their love of retro inspired seem to miss. The game's story is pretty silly, but the difficulty is not, and sure to give you a beatdown. This soundtrack is provided by Jake "Virt" Kaufman, and you can be sure that he masterfully captured the frantic nature of this action game in great chiptune form.


Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page!

Download here



An OverClocked Christmas V.7




It wouldn't be a December offering of free music if there wasn't some kind of holiday themed album in here, and OCRemix does not fail to deliver! These remixes are all of winter or snowy tracks in their respective games, and are remixed in a fashion to be... even more wintery and snowy feeling. A perfect soundtrack for when you want to be in the holiday spirit (...which I guess will be next year).


Sample Tracks: Sugar Penguin Rag

Download here



The Briggs Effect III




A new album to the Briggs Effect series is the first offering of Benjamin Briggs this month. The Briggs Effect is more or less him and other artists remix various tracks from various games, which is expected, and the tracks sound very nice. If you like The Briggs Effect III, you can download volumes I and II, as well.


Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page.

Download here



Mario Kart: Bonus Beach




Briggs' second offering this month is a short tropical remix album of some beach themes from various Mario Kart games. It's nice to have some music to make you feel warm during the cold winter months, isn't it? Anyway, a warning to those that like skipping around tracks on their music player: This album is best listened to in order, as the tracks play into each other.


Sample Tracks: Again, check out the Bandcamp page.

Download here



Monocle Man Original & Arrange Soundtrack




Monocle Man is an OUYA exclusive title, in which you play a gentleman that must jump his way to the top of the level before sand topples him and his footholds. The game... actually doesn't look all that great, but the soundtrack's not too bad. The musician went all out for this release, too; it includes the original sountrack, an arranged soundtrack, as well as beta and unused tracks. That's a fair amount of music!


Sample Tracks: Walking On Air

Download here



Match Girl Original Soundtrack




Match Girl was an indie game created in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 28, and it's free to check out here. It's a pretty neat puzzle platformer that relies on light and memorization, so it's worth checking out if you have a little free time. Contrary to the game's dark feeling, though, the soundtrack is full of energy and urges you to move forward... and dare I say, make a mistake?


Sample Tracks: I think you know what to do by now.

Download here



That's all the tracks for this month... Sorry, no Oldie this month! There's plenty of new soundtracks for you to enjoy from artists this month anyway. Well, what are you waiting for, get to downloading!


What's your favorite soundtrack this month? let me know in the comments below!

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