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6 Completely Free Video Game Music Albums for July 2013


Whew, have the last few months been a drought on releases or what? It seems that musicians, for the most part, are taking the summer off... but at the very least, there are still some free gaming albums to be had to hold us over until these artists get back into the swing. Of course, if these five new albums (and one older one) aren't enough for you, you can always check some of my older free gaming album round ups.


Besides, sometimes quality is better than quantity, right? Let's dive in!



Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin




To put it bluntly, this is the album OCRemix fans have been waiting for for quite a while now. A lot of time, effort, and advertising has went into the making of this Final Fantasy VI remix album, and the wait was well worth it. Balance and Ruin is over 70 tracks of FFIV goodness are jam-packed in this release, giving fans hours of redone tracks to listen to. If there's only one album that you're going to download this month, this one will give you the most 'value'!


Sample Tracks:


Download here



GRID 2 Official Soundtrack




Getting a racing game's soundtrack for free is a bit unusual, but here it is! GRID 2 was a semi-realistic racing game released earlier this year, and now Codemasters is giving away the game's soundtrack for free. As expected, the tracks run from rather low-key unobtrusive tracks for the menus, to higher energy songs for the actual racing.


Sample Tracks:

Download here



Shiryu's Arcade Volume 8




After taking a month off after his massive four album F-Zero collection, Shiryu is back with another album in his Arcade series! Shiryu's Arcade Volume 8 features more remixed gaming tracks from various titles, done in an unusual style that's either love it or hate it. Give it a listen or download, and see if the Arcade style is to your liking.


Sample Tracks:

Download here



Crypt Worlds: Your Darkest Desires, Come True O.S.T.!!




Haha, oh my, what's this? Yes, Crypt Worlds is a real game, and this is a real soundtrack. I honestly can't give you a clue about what Crypt Worlds is about, or if it's any good, but I do know it's free, so if you're up for a trippy looking adventure give it a try.


Anyway, the soundtrack... is odd. The eight tracks are interesting to say the least, and with track names like 'Um... I Dunno' and "I Don't Remember If This Was In The Game' you know you're in for an unusual OST. I can't guarantee this is a download for everyone, but at least give it a listen on the Bandcamp page!


Sample Tracks: ...Check out the Bandcamp page, if you dare.

Download here



Rockman XOver Original Soundtrack




This album's a little special, since it officially came out last month, but no one really noticed the release until a month later... I didn't want to gloss over it, so here it is! Rockman Xover is a mobile game featuring, you guessed it, characters crossed over from all around the Mega Man universe (though supposedly it's mainly still just the X series). This soundtrack is pretty small, only six tracks long, but featured hard rocking tracks from band The ROCK-MEN, so the lack of variety is easily made up with its high quality.


Sample Tracks:


Download here (Note: You'll have to download each track separately)



Oldie But Still a Freebie!

Bound Together: ReBound - An EarthBound Remix Project




Well, let's celebrate this month's re-release of Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console with a free remix album of the game's tracks! Bound Together: ReBound is actually the second version of this album; the first was released back in October 2005, but this 2006 release has bonus tracks, making it the superior album. With 48 tracks remixed of the game's great soundtrack, ReBound is bound to have EarthBound fans' ears entertained.


Sample Tracks: Just give it a download!

Download here



That's all for July's free gaming releases! There may be even less than last month, but these (for the most part) high-quality, content-packed releases are sure to keep your ears busy through August. Happy listening!


Which July albums are your favorite? Any albums that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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