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7 Completely Free Video Game Music Albums From Jan/Feb 2013


So, everyone loves music... and of course, everyone loves free music. And do you know what's even better than that? Free video game music!


But where do you even start looking for the elusive free music? Many people would go to a torrent site and download them because you can find almost every album imaginable. When you get into the realm of piracy, though, you walk a fine line filled with legal and moral grey areas and viruses. But worry not, for there is a place you can go to find legitimate and free gaming music... and that place is right here!


Every month, I'll be bringing you all the free gaming albums for you to download and enjoy. For this first installment, I'll be bringing you both January's and February's free albums right to your monitor.


Ready to get some new music in that playlist? Get your mouse and headphones ready... for here comes the musical deluge!




Apex 2013: Straight to the Top




About once a month, OCRemix comes out with a gaming oriented album for gamers to have more gaming music goodness. Though they did not release an album in February, their first album of the year is in honor of Apex 2013. Apex is a yearly fighting game tournament where many get together and duke it out (and also play Pokemon for some reason). The album's eleven remixed tracks all come from games that were played during the tournament.


Sample Tracks:


Download here



Elite: Mostly Harmless




Shiryu is quite the impressive musician; the rate he comes out with new music is downright scary. The best part is that it's all free, too! This is one of his one of his tribute albums, to the game Elite. If you haven't heard of it, don't feel bad (I hadn't either); it's a very old computer game, created in 1984 that practically pretty much created the space sim genre. It's nice seeing someone pay tribute to such a piece of gaming history.


Sample Tracks:


Download here



Moogle's Flute




This remix album is a little special. A woman that goes by the game 'Lauren the Flute' has, you guessed it, created a cover album with her flute. Despite the name, the six-track album does have more than just Final Fantasy; there are Suikoden and Terranigma tracks as well. Check it out if you're interested in flute music!


Sample Tracks:


Download here



Kingdoms of Amalur Boss Pieces with Endings




A year or so back, Grant Kirkhope released the Kingdoms of Amalur Original Soundtrack in both physical and digital forms. The complete soundtrack is not free... however, this little add-on soundtrack is free for all. Basically, this is a compilation of the boss tracks from the game; however, instead of the tracks fading out like on the original soundtrack, they have actual endings. Not a big difference, but it allows everyone to own a little of Amalur's great soundtrack.


Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp link below.

Download here



Chrono Ark: Original Soundtrack




Chrono Ark is a little hard to consider a game. Chrono Ark originally started as a fan game to continue Chrono Trigger's and Chrono Cross's story, but ultimately failed (and took most information about the game with it). However, Alex Roe has released the soundtrack to this never-to-be game, a whopping 100 track collection. It's a great listen too, with a great orchestral sound with remixes of the Chrono series as well has original tracks.


Sample Tracks:


Download here



White Materia: Final Fantasy VII Mashups




White Materia is certainly a... different album. Then again, most mashups are. If you don't know, a mashup is basically when someone takes two songs and throws them together until they sound good. However, Mega Ran doesn't actually take the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII and smash it together with other tracks; instead, he takes two popular tracks and mixes them together in a way so that they're tributes to the game's various themes and characters. An odd choice to be sure, but it makes for something very fresh.


Sample Track:

Download here



Street Fighter X Mega Man X-tended Vol. 1




The sole free album released in February, A_Rival brings us the first in a series of Street Fighter X Mega Man extended tracks. While the offering is a meager four tracks, it consists of tracks not in the original soundtrack as well as a remix of Ryu's theme. A nice supplement to the original (also free) offering.


Sample Track: Ryu's Theme (Super Square Remix)

Download here


That's it for this month... or rather, the past two months. I can only hope March will be more productive for the generous musicians that give their music for free than it was in February. See you again in April!


Which albums were your favorites? Any albums I missed? Did you enjoy this piece? Let me know in the comments below!

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