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7 Completely Free Video Game Music Albums from May 2013


Welcome to another round of awesome, and free gaming music! I know it's been a long time since your last video game album fix, but don't worry, you made it. It's time for the monthly overview of awesome gaming albums... that are completely and utterly free!


Unfortunately, this month is a bit sparse on the releases... and as you'll see, the majority of it has a distinct theme in mind. But don't fret! It's all great... and free! You can also check out some of the earlier months' entries to see if you missed anything.


...So with that, let's dive in this month's audio offerings!



Best of Hyde209 Vol. 2




Hyde209, as you might guess, is a username. It's also the username of an accomplished remixer. Hyde209 has been in the hobby of making gaming remixes for quite a while, if his YouTube page is anything to show for it. This album is a compilation of some of his best works, all nice and easy to download in one place. He has a variety of remixes in terms of style, so the tracks on there are bound to please everyone. You can check out Vol. 1 as well!


Sample Tracks:


Download here



Princess of Eternity EP




Princess of Eternity EP is a small track, but one to excite Touhou fans. These four tracks are all a remix of the track Septette for a Dead Princess in The Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. More specifically, it's two vocal remixes of the track, and then the tracks with only the instrumentals. It's not a large album by any means, but is still worth that click!


Sample Tracks: You can check the download site for SoundCloud samples.

Download here



F-Zero Go Fast! Vol. 1 - Age of SNES




And so it begins. Early in the month, Shiryu released this album. F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 1 takes a bunch of tracks from the SNES F-Zero game and gives them a fine and loving remix. F-Zero's tracks are pretty good on their own, but the remixes give them a new life... and the 'Volume 1' in the title should let you know that there's more to come.


Sample Tracks:

Download here



F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 2 - Age of N64




Luckily, Shiryu wasn't going to make us wait a whole month for some more F-Zero remixes. The second volume in this F-Zero collection focuses on the N64 entry to the racing series. This volume is also done in a different style, as well... these twelve tracks are chiptunes. That's especially good considering the series itself reuses a lot of its music!


Sample Tracks:

Download here



F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 3 - Age of GBA




Yes, that's right... that's not all the F-Zero you'll get this month! As you can see, Volume 3 of this massive F-Zero project features the GBA entry into the Nintendo franchise. This one is the largest yet at fifteen tracks. They're done in the same style as Volume 1, but all these tracks are unique, so no need to worry about duplicates!


Sample Tracks:

Download here



F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 4 - Age of GC




Just before the end of the month, Shiryu finishes off this F-Zero project. The final Volume, Age of GC, features the final GameCube entry to the F-Zero series. This album is the smallest, and also the least focused--there are chiptunes and 'redux' mixes alike, as well as secondary remixes to a few of the more popular tracks. It's still a great album, though, and well worth the download to complete the collection!


Sample Tracks:

Download here



Oldie but Still a Freebie!

Mega Man 9: Back in Blue




There wasn't an OCRemix album this month, which is a shame... but that gives us a chance to look back at some of their older works! Mega Man 9: Back in Blue is a tribute album to, you guessed it, Mega Man 9. These eighteen tracks spread across two discs are a fitting tribute to the ninth entry of the series, which is lauded for its fantastic soundtrack. Go ahead and give this release a download!


Sample Tracks:


Download here



That's it for May's offerings to the free gaming music cause. It's a bit more sparse than the past couple of months, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad month--quite the opposite! Enjoy your overload of F-Zero until next month!


Which gaming album is your favorite? Any albums I missed, or single tracks you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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