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7 Completely Free Video Game Music Albums From September 2013


September has finally ended! All in all it was a relatively slow month, as gamers rev up for October's incredible amount of releases and November's introduction of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the market. It'll at least be one of the busiest holiday seasons in a while!


Unfortunately, September was a bit slow on the side of free gaming albums as well... perhaps all the composers are getting ready for the busy holiday season, as well? Of course, quantity doesn't always equal quality, and this month's selection is certainly full of quality. Let's check out the six new (and one old) albums released this past month.



Donkey Kong 64 Official Soundtrack




A few months back, Grant Kirkhope released free verions of many of of his past Nintendo 64 soundtracks, including the Banjo-Kazooie games and Perfect Dark. However, one particular album was not released to the public from free during that wonderful month... until now. This month Kirkhope released the official soundtrack of Donkey Kong 64 for free. That's right, you can finally legally own the DK Rap (and seventeen other tracks) for free. What are you waiting for? Go and download it!


Sample Tracks:


Download here



Mega Man XA




Mega Man XA is sort of hard to describe. It's a compilation of various remixes done in the style of the original Mega Man X. However, the artist makes it seem as though it's the soundtrack to a fan re-imagining of the original Mega Man X... which it still may very well be, but not being able to find any more information implies otherwise. Either way, the music is a bit of a 're-telling' of X's original game in musical terms, and some of the tracks chosen for remixing are very interesting to hear in this new style.


Sample Tracks: For this album, you'll have to check its Bandcamp page.

Download here



Be Agressive! A Gunstar Heroes Tribute




This month's OCRemix offering will be a treat to Treasure game fans. Be Aggressive! is a twenty-four remix tribute to Gunstar Heroes, Treasure's beloved Genesis title. This remix project covers pretty much every track from the game, and of course is up to the high quality the site is known for. Also the website for the album is fantastic looking!


Sample Tracks:


Download here



Divekick Soundtrack




Just like the game itself, this free Divekick soundtrack is very minimal. It contains all the tracks from the game, but it has no formatting or album cover (that picture I used is from VGMdb). Oh, and make sure to scroll to the bottom of the download link to grab the tracks--it's all very understated, so you can miss it if you're not looking.


Sample Tracks: You'll have to download this album.

Download here



Naya's Quest Soundtrack




Naya's Quest is a free browser game by Terry Cavanagh, which you can check out here. It's actually a rather interesting title that everyone should give a try, but it's hard to explain in earnest without spoiling it. Anyway, the game's soundtrack is also naturally available for free, and the few tracks played throughout the title are ambient and somewhat lonely sounding, which fits the game very well.


Sample Tracks: Check the bandcamp page for the tracks.

Download here



Famicom Memoria XXX




Shiryu's offering to the free gaming album world this month is in celebration of the Famicom's 30th anniversary. As we all know, this console was a big step for the gaming industry, and had a bunch of iconic games, and these are represented in the Famicom Memoria XXX. You'll find remixes to Super Mario, Punch-Out!!, and other 8-bit classics here. Also, while this album is available on Bandcamp, you would have to pay for it, while the links on Shiryu's site are always free.


Sample Tracks:

Download here



Oldie But Still a Freebie!

Mighty Switch Force Official Soundtrack




Many people interested in video game and chiptune music probably know Jake 'Virt' Kaufman by now. He's likely most well known for the various tracks he creates for WayForward's titles--the most recently of which being his remixed tracked for DuckTales Remastered. However, his older soundtracks are just as great... and his release of the Mighty Switch Force! soundtrack is certainly worth a listen. This album features all of the tracks from the 3DS game, and are as quirky and upbeat as the game itself is. Any fan of the artist or the game deserve to give this album a download!


Sample Tracks:


Download here



That ends this month's offerings of free gaming albums. Perhaps next month we'll get a deluge of free music with the flood of hit games coming out?


What's your favorite album this month? Any that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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