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Individual Values: A Pokémon Feature - Week 25: Use Foresight to Predict E3 2015 Surprises

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the twenty-fifth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday morning.






Use Foresight to Predict E3 2015 Surprises



Hard to believe that by this time next week, E3 2015 will be over and I“ll be on a plane back to my home from the West Coast. I suppose a lot can happen in seven days. Regardless of how you feel about press conferences, all the hype, and the fact that a few people will all get together inside a convention center for a few hours each day... E3 could be the epicenter of several paradigm shifts for the industry, Nintendo, and Pokémon. Or not.


Right on the cusp of some of our E3 Predictions, it“s time for us to figure out what specific Pokémon-related things, games and announcements could be revealed in Los Angeles! Here are my educated guesses. Maybe I“ll throw in an off-the-wall suggestion along the way.






Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon will be playable


Since it“s coming out in Japan in just a few months (and in the United States by Winter, and in Europe during the first part of 2016), I have to assume the game is far along in development. Hopefully we“ll get a definitive release date during the Nintendo Digital Event, but I won“t hold my breath.


Regardless, I am officially on the PSMD hype train, especially after seeing the game“s debut trailer. It may follow the same formula as Gates to Infinity, but it certainly seems to have a lot more content! Speaking of which, have you read my Pokémon Mystery Dungeon-focused IV piece yet?





The next mainline Pokémon game... could be announced, but it probably won“t be playable, and it probably isn“t coming this year.


We“ve had a bunch of side content coming from the franchise lately. Between Shuffle, Rumble World, and now PSMD... I“m quite certain there are a number of distractions out there to keep fans busy until the next great adventure, which is probably farther off than some are hoping. What could it be, though? Does anyone have any ideas? I reaffirm that I think we“re getting a “third game” that blends elements of both Pokémon ORAS (Zinnia) and Pokémon X&Y (Zygarde) together — Pokémon Z!


But speaking of distractions...there“s a game I haven“t brought up for a while hitting arcades in Japan this July. Have you forgotten?







Pokkén Tournament will be announced during the Nintendo Digital Event as coming to Wii U worldwide in Q1 2016


I really hope it“s playable. And I also hope Nintendo has a decent-sized portion of its booth devoted to versus matches among attendees like they did for Smash Bros. and Splatoon last year. The unique arcade stick all but confirms a console variant is on the way. Pokémon Social Media here in the states and in Europe haven“t exactly been quiet about the game this whole time. Why not choose E3 to announce it, especially if there“s no mainline game coming until late next year?





Will Pokémon amiibos be announced?


I doubt any of it“s true, but sleuths have certainly seen rumors to that effect. I“m scared, y“all. I“m so, so scared (here“s an earlier IV that explains why).





Okay, here“s an off-the-wall-one to wrap us up! What if...Pokémon Snap 2? Pokémon Stadium U?!


I would backflip for either one. If The Pokémon Company has dispatched secret Alakazams or Gardevoirs to this location to read my mind... can either one of these please happen??


Pokémon Snap would be phenomenal to experience on Wii U. You could post photos of Pokémon seamlessly to the Miiverse... use the Wii U Gamepad“s gyro-scopic controls to move around freely in all directions (assuming the game continued the on-rails nature of its predecessor). Heck, why not make the Gamepad the camera itself and have the game be first-person and off-rails?


The possibilities are endless.


...And listen, I know battling in Pokémon has become more seamless than ever, and we don“t need to see all 720 known creatures in stunning high-definition because they“re already 3D on our handhelds. But a guy can dream, can“t he?! I just want to see





That“s all for me this week. Maybe I“ll have time enough to compile a “Greatest Bits of Pokémon at E3 2015” while I“m in Los Angeles. If not, I still have a cool side thing for next Friday“s Individual Values!


What are your Pokémon-related E3 predictions?! Are mine right on the money, or do you think I couldn“t be more wrong? Be sure to let me know!

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