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Individual Values: A Pokémon Feature - Week 29: Origin Stories

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the twenty-ninth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday morning.


I should be feeling remarkably drained. Between the unexpected passing of my friend Sam at the beginning of this month, and the fact that Mr. Iwata left us so suddenly just a week later...well... things haven“t been stellar. But...I“m sure you“ve heard the stories about how Iwata is responsible for the Kanto region being able to fit into Pokémon Gold & Silver, plus more. And there“s always the Iwata Asks features on some of the more recent Pokémon games, for even more insights. Today isn“t about loss, though. Heck, I hope Mr. Iwata and Sam are playing Pokémon together, somewhere! Without further ado…




Origin Stories


Some of the same Pokémon have been in my life since 2006. Over (almost) ten years, I“ve amassed 719 unique Pokémon from over seven different mainline games since the Game Boy Advance era. Some of them are just casual captures while trying to obtain every Pokémon inhabiting a certain area. Some are Legendary Pokémon that the various games have been centered around. Some are among my first ever Shiny Pokémon, captured completely by chance. And around sixty of them are fully trained, built to be competitive and hold their own in battles versus real people, instead of just the ones that advance the plot.


There are so many stories! I caught Palkia in a PokéBall on the Spear Pillar. The fight against Team Galactic on Mt. Coronet, as well as capturing all the Pokémon available there, wore down my supplies to practically nothing. I was afraid I“d have to restart my journey up the mountain, or come back for Palkia later. But alas, my last PokéBall was thrown, and it caught Palkia handily... much to my surprise and amusement, of course.


Then there“s my Shiny Ho-Oh...the definitive crown jewel of my Legendary lineup. I was actually playing through my girlfriend“s copy of SoulSilver, nostalgic for Johto as I“ve often been. I was in the middle of leaving her a voicemail telling her I“d been thinking about her as I approached the Phoenix Pokémon... and then abruptly went, “....holy crap--I“m gonna have to call you back--”. She thought something had happened! She certainly acknowledged my Pokémon Mastery, if not incredible luck, when she found out what.


Most recently, in Pokémon Omega Ruby, I was trying to capture a good Natured Rayquaza during the plot of the Delta Episode, so I wouldn“t have to come back for it later. I“d succeeded, and then launched to space to fight Deoxys. Since Mega Rayquaza is automatically the first combatant out during that fight, but I wanted to leave him untouched so I could raise him fully later — I just started chucking my good supply of Premiere Balls at Deoxys so he could (slowly but surely) faint the giant beast, saving him from earning experience in battle. I thought he“d almost surely break out of them every single time, since the Legendary catch-rate is so remarkably low.


As it turns out... I caught Deoxys... in a Premiere Ball...at full health. I would have been mad and restarted that particular plot arc — but man, I“ll always have that story now! I happened to be on Skype with my best friend at the time. She definitely had a fit of laughter seeing my reaction to that, live.








Do you have any fun memories like that, of your favorite Pokémon? I“d absolutely love to hear them.

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