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Individual Values: A Pokémon Feature - Week 38: Moment of Zen

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the thirty-eighth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday.





Moment of (Z)en


If there“s one thing that impressed me about Pokémon in the modern era, it“s the increasing transparency between what goes on with the series in Japan and the West. Things that would have never been acknowledged several years ago are now freely teased on Pokémon-related social media, like when we

in the U.S. right alongside the initial announcement of the arcade game in Japan, or even the 30 seconds of Kyogre and Groudon in battle when Pokémon ORAS had just been confirmed. The most recent and out of left field example yet all but confirms the existence of a “Pokémon Z” game, and might even suggest an official announcement is right around the corner.


Visiting the official Pokémon website in the United States leads to new information about Zygarde, front and center on the homepage right now. This Japanese-specific information leaked from/was confirmed by CoroCoro mere days ago, and the English Pokémon Twitter was pretty much right behind it with this official page. It“s extremely strange for the English website to bring up new information about the Japanese anime (we now know the identity of the blob Pokémon and shadowy figure -- both are Zygarde formes!), but if you check it out, you can learn about Zygarde“s five confirmed formes, as well as a brand new look for Ash“s Greninja. Here“s official artwork for everything.





The strangest tidbit of all from that official page is...a specific date in which the refreshed Pokémon XY&Z anime begins to air in Japan: October 29th, 2015. Why in the world would they give American audiences a specific date like that? They“ve never honed in with this level of detail in the past. Could this just be complete transparency for the sake of it, or is this date going to be significant to North America and other territories somehow?


The Mythical Pokémon Hoopa has yet to be released outside of Japan, and... these new Zygarde formes are explicitly shown during the upcoming (for the West) movie Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. Fans around the world have been wondering why The Pokémon Company have dragged their feet, when it comes to Hoopa“s movie and in-game release. Is a Hoopa distribution... and all this news we“ve been waiting for about both the new anime and “Pokémon Z” game...coming on or before October 29th, 2015?


In light of all this new information and speculation on my part -- at least a new mainline Pokémon game is now a matter of when, not if. Definitely comforting, especially in the wake of Pokémon GO leaving many fans worried for the future of the series.


We“re reaching the peak time of year when a bunch of stuff is happening in the gaming industry, again. The Tokyo Game Show is still ongoing at the time I write this, and there“s more than enough rumbling in the Pokémon fandom in particular. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon“s release in Japan has happened as of yesterday, too. Definitely exciting times!


What do you all think of the new Zygarde formes? What about the Pokémon Company“s willingness to talk up things in Japan well before they“re relevant here, so we“re not kept in the dark? I, for one, am a huge fan of their new approaches lately. Curious if you all feel the same!


(And I know I promised not to get all conspiracy theory on y'all anymore, but isn't this whole "PROJECT AZOTH" returning things to [the beginning] and the next main game's legendary Pokémon being reduced to a single cell kind of...telling? Stay tuned!)

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