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Individual Values: A Pokemon Feature - Week 39: Type-Casting

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the thirty-ninth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday.







The Super Secret Bases in Pokémon ORAS are just a small step towards creating your own personal Pokémon Gym within the main games. But... I“m sure longtime fans and newcomers alike have much grander visions, when it comes to being a Gym Leader. What type would you choose? Does your favorite Pokémon type factor into your personality, or do you just like it based on the moves or species it offers?


Ever since I was young, I“ve never really had a favorite type. I may have learned best from Gary Oak/Blue“s speech near the end of Pokémon Red & Blue before you face him as the Pokémon League Champion, but... my teams have always featured six different types of Pokémon who all compliment each other as best as possible. Of course, I was never perfect.


When I first reached the end of FireRed ten years ago, I was pretty confident in my first team of six. And then I took them to the Battle Tower (well, whatever the Diamond & Pearl equivalent is) and realized that my multi-typed team shared a handful of common weaknesses like rock and electricity. I“ve since strictly used easy Team Building tools when planning for future games or competitive teams; they“ve really helped!


It“s funny, though. I“ve raised almost seventy-five Pokémon fully, and I don“t think I have one type that sticks out over others. All of my teams since returning to the series (and before) have always been pretty varied. I don“t even have a common place to start, as my starters for each game have never been consistent, either. It“s to that end, and a little inspiration on Social Media, that I decided to look into Monotype Teams and “Monotype Runs” as they“re called.


I think selecting a single type to raise competitively, as if I were a Gym Leader, will teach me more about its specific strengths and weaknesses. I ought to come away with a greater understanding by the time I“m all done and tested things out.




I took some time to decide what type my potential gym would be. I tried factoring in both my personality and what Pokémon I have an affinity towards. I guess you can call me a “Fossil Maniac” from here on out, ”cause my Monotype Team will be rock -- specifically rock Pokémon revived from fossils. I think my choice helps articulate my love of history, among other traits. That gives me access to Pokémon I“ve known forever like Aerodactyl, as well as new ones like Aurorus and Tyrantrum. It“s going to be interesting to see what kind of new challenges await me when I go into a team knowing they“ll all six share one common weakness.


What is your favorite Pokémon type? Have you dreamt of having your own “Gym Leader Team” or Monotype Team like what I“ve described? I“d love to hear your thoughts!

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