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Individual Values: A Pokemon Feature - Week 57: Great Expectations

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the fifty-seventh week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday.


This coming week is your last opportunity to grab Mew from participating GameStop stores. It disappears again for a while after February 24th! Every single Mythical Pokémon will be distributed during a specific month for the remainder of this year. Now may be your only chance for a really long time, to actually catch them all!






Great Expectations


As you“re all reading this, we“re just a week and a day away from February 27th, 2016--the official twentieth anniversary of Pokémon Red & Green Versions respectively, and what“s being marketed internationally as “Pokémon Day”. The proverbial Hype Train has been steadily rolling along since December, with crazy physical products available for our friends in Japan, all the stuff our Official Site has outlined, kind words from Mr. Masuda and others, and...even a brand new Pokémon. That last bit“s...kind of a big deal, right? I“ll blab more about Magearna momentarily, but there are a few brief points I need to hit first:


First of all: Pokémon GO is going to be at GDC 2016 (March 14-18), featured in a panel where we“ll finally hear more information about it beyond the e“er popular reveal trailer. What does this mean? Well, it means the beta-tests you“ve seen going around are collectively just one meaningless hoax after the next. And it“s definitely not releasing on February 27th, like I“ve seen some brazen folks try to report. I know it“s a slow news cycle for many gaming websites, but the amount of stretching some people are doing makes rubber-bands look bad.




Next: “Pokémon Fandom”--I am generally okay with your existence, even though I don“t necessarily identify with you at all. But could you all please stop begging for The Next Big Pokémon Game Announcement already? Just look at the replies on the Message from Masuda tweet I linked to above. It“s like every time The Pokémon Company tweets something out, they“re met with a bunch of hungry wolves after their next meal. Despite some reporting it as news: with the reveal of Magearna and the anime moving ahead full swing to “Pokémon XY&Z (emphasized to emulate how the Z appears in the logo)...the fact that they“re working on another Big Pokémon Project besides GO….is expected. ...Give them time, for goodness sake. They“ll show it off when they“re ready!


Okay, last bit: The release of the old Pokémon games sure is unfortunately timed, isn“t it? Most of you hardcore RPG folks are going to be a week into Fire Emblem Fates. I“m choosing a different path (n“yuk n“yuk) and playing through Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen for the first time. Plenty of other folks are out there mashing their backlog, or working through new games I haven“t thought of. Is the draw of nostalgia going to be powerful enough to get you to put down what you“re currently playing through to play 20 year-old games? Personally, I“m probably going to buy and start whichever version I end up getting (let“s be real: it“s gonna be Yellow)...but I highly doubt Old Pokémon is going to be compelling enough to get me to stop my progress in New Dragon Quest. If I“m being honest with myself: I“d say only Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is the only game almighty enough to loosen Dragon Quest“s grip upon me.




Now then--where were we? Oh, right. there“s a brand new Pokémon. Japan obviously got the news first, but the West didn“t have to wait six months to catch wind of it. ...Very interesting indeed. The reveal of Magearna pushes a couple of thoughts to the surface:


Magearna doesn“t necessarily mean we“ll see a 7th Generation of Pokémon this year. We saw it with Marril, Kecleon, Lucario, Zoroark and others: sometimes the reveal of a brand new Pokémon is over a year off from the Actual Game that houses them. I suspect a third 6th Generation game will arrive before Magearna does, but I“ve certainly been wrong before. I“m keeping an open mind.


Magearna“s reveal could mean the 7th Generation of Pokémon is coming this year. I mean, it“s the twentieth anniversary. Could a “portable NX”, as has been theorized, be coming this year...and launch with a brand new Pokémon game? The Internet would light with the fire of a thousand Charizards, and it would explain why we“ve gone so long without word from The Pokémon company.


Which side of the 7th Generation Fence do you fall on?


If you“re going to be picking up the old Pokémon games on 3DS in a week, which version will you start with?




Plenty of questions! I“m very interested to hear your answers! ...I think I“m going to delay next week“s Individual Values and have it go out on Pokémon Day so I can quickly write impressions of whatever Special Things go down. We“ll see! Goodness knows, as I was writing this, it was announced that Pokkén Tournament will be showcased at the newly remodeled Nintendo NY in a tournament, where the winner will go on to compete in the Championships. (And hey, did you catch the “GIVE US POKEMON Z” among the very first replies of tweet showing new footage? Don“t ever change, Internet.) Also the retail version of Pokémon Rumble World is now confirmed for North America.


News can really happen at any moment. It“s kinda crazy!


Either way, it“s definitely a phenomenal time to be a Pokémon fan. Here“s something cool, but unofficial to leave you all with! As the wildly marketable catchphrase goes: train on, ladies and gentlemen.

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