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Memory Lane: September Releases Throughout the Years


Time certainly flies when you're playing a ton of video games, huh? September is already upon us... a time where we finally get a break from intense heat and prepare for the end of year festivities. While usually it seems that the gaming industry slows down on the releases, preparing for the holiday rush, we're getting quite a few big releases this month, from big titles like Grand Theft Auto V to new IPs like The Wonderful 101.


Maybe the past Septembers didn't seem like they were this packed, but maybe they were, and were forgotten about? Well, there's nothing better to do than to take a gander down memory lan and find out!







Maybe September 2003 didn't have much going for it, but the one title that really stood out did so in a very big way, and that game was Battlefield 1942. Back before war shooters were a dime a dozen, this PC game gave players a true war game experience, so much so that it won PC Game of the Year from the Interactive Achievement Awards. Not too shabby!


Other Notable Releases: The Simpsons Hit & Run (yes, seriously)







Katamari Damacy may not be the biggest hit from September 2004, but it certainly made waves in the gaming world that none of the otehr games released at the same time were able to do. While 'quirky Japanese games' are more or less everywhere now, Katamari Demacy is the game that really brought that quirkiness to a mode widespread (albeit still niche) audience. Besides, how could I not give the game the that gave us the King of All Cosmos the top spot?


Other Notable Releases: Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, Silent Hill 4: The Room, The Sims 2, Fable







Indigo Prophecy, the main September 2005 release, was also pretty important, though not for as apparent of reasons. Quantic Dream's second title, Indigo Prophecy was the first game to really meld gameplay with the cinematic experience. It may not have been perfect, nor has it aged well, but the developers used this experience to make the great Heavy Rain, and soon to come out Beyond: Two Souls... and despite its shortcomings, is still worth a playthrough today.


Other Notable Releases: We Love Katamari, Dynasty Warriors 5







September of 2006 gave us one of Clover Studio's final games, and decidedly the most impressive of them, Okami. The game featured a beautiful world crafted like a Japanese ink painting, and a setting drenched in ancient Japanese culture to match. Even the gameplay used the concept of an ink painting to its advantage, with the Celestial Brush. It was, more or less, an appropriate and beautiful swan song for the studio.


Other Notable Releases: LocoRoco, Baten Kaitos Origins







September of 2007 was a pretty good month for 360 owners. While there were a few decent entries into the 360 library, none could beat Halo 3. The first Halo for the 'next gen' console and (at that time) the trilogy ender, fans of Halo's story and multiplayer alike had a lot to look forward to in Microsoft's new installment.


Other Notable Releases: Eternal Sonata, Sonic Rush Adventure







The ninth month of 2008 was a bit unusual: Many of the titles released within it were well-received, but most of them were forgotten only a couple years down the road, lost in the shuffle of new and better games. One of these titles was Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Being the first major game in the media conglomerate in a while, The Force Unleashed got a lot of attention... and was overall well-liked. It even got a sequel... but even now, just a few years into the future, and most people have forgotten about this Star Wars game.


Other Notable Releases: Pokemon Platinum, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Kirby Super Star Ultra, de Blob







In September of 2009, there may not have been any big releases, but plenty of more niche titles were there to keep most gamers busy. The biggest of these niche titles was probably Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The beautiful VanillaWare game came to the Wii during one of the system's dry periods, and the tough-as-nails action gameplay gave gamers a satisfying experience to enjoy.


Other Notable Releases: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Scribblenauts, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days







There's no denying it: September 2010 was a huge month for gaming. A large amount of big name releases made sure to keep gamers busy throughout the fall, and the sequel to a hugely popular zombie series hit stores: Dead Rising 2. This heavily hyped and anticipated title for the most part was the sequel everyone wanted, with more zombies to smash, and more weapons to MacGyver up... even if everyone's favorite journalist was unplayable.


Other Notable Releases: Final Fantasy XIV, Bit.Trip Beat, Civilization V, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Halo: Reach







A year passes, and then we get another heavily hyped zombie game thrusted onto us. This time, however, it's a new IP: Dead Island. Of course, this title was anticipated for different reasons (who could forget that heart wrenching trailer?), but unfortunately the title wasn't completely able to live up to the hype. Regardless, it was still the most important releases of this September, disappointment or not.


Other Notable Releases: Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, Gears of War 3, Driver: San Francisco







Sometimes a game's a year old and you don't even realize it... and that seems to be the case with Borderlands 2. The sequel to the hit GearBox game is still pretty widely played today, and the cleverly timed DLC keeps the game fresh in minds and on everyone's "Now Playing" lists... not to mention that it's a really fun game to play!


Other Notable Releases: Mark of the Ninja, Torchlight II



That's all for the Septembers of the past! Surprisingly, most of the months seem jam-packed with great releases... looks like companies don't always hold onto games until the holiday rush, after all!


Which is your favorite September release? Let me know in the comments below!

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