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A Firewatch movie is in the works

Jason Clement

Firewatch has been a critically acclaimed indie title since its release earlier in the year, and now it looks as if the developer behind it, Campo Santo, is looking to expand its portfolio beyond video games.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is collaborating with production and financing company Good Universe to develop new games and movies, and the first of their new projects will be a film adaptation of Firewatch.


Though it was generally well-received, one of Firewatch's biggest criticisms was that it was too much of a "walking simulator"; a sort of label for games that have little actual gameplay but rather have an emphasis on telling the story by (for all intents and purposes) walking forward or to different areas in the game world. A film version would certainly help alleviate this feeling, so it's great to hear that people will be able to experience the story by simply watching it in the future.


No release window for the Firewatch film has been announced at this time.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter (via Polygon)


Are you interested in seeing a film version of Firewatch?

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