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A Slew of Persona Announcements Straight from Japan


A few hours ago, Atlus held a live stream that was even broadcast live in Japan on various big screens across the country. Why would they do that? Well, Altus really did have quite a bit to reveal about the Persona sub-series... let's get to it:


Persona 4: The Ultimax Suplex Hold is coming to the PS3:



Perhaps the least surprising of the announcements is that the sequel to Persona 4 Arena will be coming to consoles. Persona 4: The Ultimax Suplex Hold will be coming to the PS3 in Summer 2014 in Japan.


There will be a Persona 4 rhythm game:




Yes, you read that right, there is in fact going to be a Persona 4 rhythm game. Developed by the same team that made the PSP Hasume Mika: Project Diva games, Persona 4: Dancing All Night will apparently have a plot that ties into Persona 4 itself.


The 3DS Persona game has been revealed:



The Persona developers did say they were going to make a Persona game for the 3DS, and they have finally revealed it. Called Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, it will feature characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4, and will be a dungeon crawler. The director of the Etrian Odyssey series is working on this title. It's hard to tell if this is just a crossover game, or if Persona Q's plot will have any bearings on Persona 3 and Persona 4's plot.


Finally, Persona 5:



Last, but certainly not least, Atlus has finally revealed Persona 5. The teaser trailer doesn't really offer any information, other than a Winter 2014 Japan release, but it's finally been announced, which is more than enough for Persona fans.


Which Persona announcement are you most excited about?

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