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A Valley Without Wind 2 Flutters to Steam

Marcus Estrada

Have you ever played A Valley Without Wind? The game originally hit Steam last year and, while garnering a following, wasn't a massive hit. Still, the chances of you having a copy in your Steam library are fairly high. If so, take a look through your set of games as those with the original should see the sequel sitting squarely next to it.


Those who did not already own the game have unfortunately missed out on a free copy of the sequel. Regardless, today's launch of A Valley Without Wind 2 still has a handful of deals. Buying the game costs $11.25 for launch week, which is a 25% discount. However, you are also buying the original with it. This is a pretty kind gesture by the developers to get both games out for the cost of one.


One big focus of the randomly generated Metroidvania and strategy experience is co-op between two to eight players. Because the game may be best enjoyed with friends, there is also a sale on a four pack (currently priced at $33.74). Even this four pack comes with the two titles, which means you're buying eight games.


Take a look at A Valley Without Wind 2's launch trailer to get a feel for the indie endeavor:


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