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Activision Moving Call of Duty to a Three-Year Development Cycle

Jason Clement

Activision announced in its 4th quarter 2013 financial call today that the company is moving development of Call of Duty games to a three-year cycle, officially bumping the number of core developers working on the series from two to three.


Of course, it's easy for the "three-year cycle" statement to be misconstrued. What it means is that the actual development of each game will be three years long in order for the different teams to focus on development and downloadable content creation, according to Activision. However, the games will still be released on an annual basis; they'll just be cycled through three developers now.


As such, it was announced that Sledgehammer Games would be the developer behind this year's yet-to-be-announced Call of Duty release. Infinity Ward (developer of last year's Call of Duty: Ghosts) and Treyarch (the team behind Call of Duty: Black Ops II) are assumed to be the other two teams still working on subsequent releases for next year and after that.


Source: Kotaku


Are you glad Activision is giving Call of Duty games more development time?

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