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All the Enemies in Shovel Knight Now Have Official Names

Jonathan Higgins

As many know, Shovel Knight released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita last Tuesday, and it's coming to the Xbox One before too long. Despite now appearing on all three current generation consoles, many insist the game would feel right at home on the NES. While it would be theoretically impossible to scale down Shovel Knight perfectly to the 8-bit era, Yacht Club Games has done something kind of neat for fans who liked to pay attention to instruction manuals or the credits of games like



Suffice to say, if you check here, you can learn the names of almost every major and minor enemy in Shovel Knight. There are spoilers toward the end though, so be careful if you haven't beaten the game at least once! ...And speaking of Shovel Knight's PlayStation release, have you found Kratos yet? There are places you can go for a detailed guide, but if I may drop just the slightest hint: talk to some of the NPCs you run into while taking shortcuts, and thoroughly investigate the Hall of Champions.




Good enough? Stay tuned for more Shovel Knight news, like word on Plague of Shadows, as it comes. Does something like knowing the names of enemies make a platformer that much more special for you? Be sure to share your favorite enemy with us below!

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