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Amazon Acquires Killer Instinct Developer Double Helix

Jason Clement

Now this is a bit sudden. Apparently reports have surfaced that Amazon has acquired Double Helix Games as one of their own internal developers. The developer had most recently released the revamped Killer Instinct on Microsoft's Xbox One and is readying their next title for Capcom, Strider, for release later this month.


News about the acquisition surfaced when Tech Crunch was sent an invite to a recruiting event for Amazon and Double Helix. Amazon confirmed the acquisition to the site by saying “Amazon has acquired Double Helix as part of our ongoing commitment to build innovate games for customers.”


It's unknown what exactly Double Helix will be working on from now on, but it seems likely that they'll be developing for Amazon's own Kindle Fire tablets at the very least.


Source: Tech Crunch

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