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Amazon Currently Restricting Sales of Sim City

Jason Clement

The launch of Sim City this week has been nothing but tumultuous for the most part, with the main reason being that many people are not able to connect to the servers in order to play. The popular simulation game requires users to maintain an "always-on" connection to EA's servers in order to play it due in part to the DRM.


It would seem that Amazon has had more than its share of complaints from customers who purchased the game through their website but have been experiencing server errors and generally cannot play the game at the moment, so the online retail giant has restricted the ability to purchase Sim City as a download until further notice.


Amazon also made a statement that they are "actively working with EA to resolve the issues" but they don't know when the issue will be fixed. Anyone experiencing trouble playing Sim City is encouraged to go to the game's help center on EA's website.

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