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American McGee Hits Up Kickstarter for Next Project, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

John Kidman

The next project for American McGee and Spicy Horse is already in the books, but the developers are seeking more direct funding through Kickstarter. Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is currently tagged as a free-to-play action RPG inspired by the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale and sits in a rather nice position on Steam Greenlight. The game“s art design is reminiscent of Okami which also utilizes traditional ink, woodblock and watercolors in an art style known as Ukiyo-e. The developers began working on Akaneiro in 2011 and placed the game in closed beta in November, which should be changed to an open beta this month.


The game is deep into its development cycle, so where will the Kickstarter funding be applied? This project“s goal of $200,000 will be utilized to help the game reach its full potential with tablet ports, community support, cooperative multiplayer and an equipment crafting system. The overwhelming success of other established companies like Double Fine are likely to have prompted Spicy Horse to provide some rather lofty stretch goals like two expansions and PvP arena. The reward tiers are pretty much what is to be expected, mostly filled with digital goodies. Do you have $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, you could net a fully paid trip to Shanghai for a studio tour, design a mini-boss and enjoy a dinner with American McGee in San Fransisco.


Is this a project you would consider backing?

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