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Amnesia Sequel A Machine for Pigs Reveals Spooky Trailer

Marcus Estrada

What news would be better on Halloween than a trailer for the upcoming Amnesia sequel? None! Amnesia: The Dark Descent managed to scare countless gamers when it came out in 2010 and the sequel is now looking to do the same. There hasn't been much shown of the new game since June (with a teaser trailer) but now we have another video which shows off more gameplay, but less pig squealing.


A Machine for Pigs took development out of Frictional Games' hands and instead gave the reigns over to thechineseroom (developers of Dear Esther). Although this may worry fans of the Penumbra series or Amensia, which were both created by Frictional, they will still be around with the role of producer. Regardless of who is behind the title, it does appear that it still has the hallmarks of Amnesia intact.


Check out the trailer below and see if you agree:


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