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Anarchy Reigns has a New Release Date Set

Marcus Estrada

Have you been waiting for Anarchy Reigns? If so, then your patience is finally (hopefully) going to be rewarded. The game has been delayed multiple times, with the last big event being back in June, when it was already completed and ready for US launch. As unfair as that was, their estimation of a Q1 2013 release seems accurate now. Today Platinum Games tweeted a brand new date for the game.




On January 8th, North American gamers will be able to get their hands on the game. A few may have imported the game, others forgotten about entirely, but there's the date! Perhaps previous delays were due to Sega cutting expenditures on many projects, or skipping out on the crowded holiday season. Either way, this announcement should mean that Platinum Games is sure of themselves and won't delay it even further.


The stylish multiplayer-focused beat 'em up is set to launch on both 360 and PS3 and will cost $30. Let's hope this is the last date that gets announced! It's just a shame it couldn't have come out sooner despite having all the localization work done months ago now.



Are you still in the mood to play Anarchy Reigns?

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