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Austin Wintory Composing Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Soundtrack

Marcus Estrada

If you didn't know who Austin Wintory was before, you probably have come to realize who he is by now. The composer was nominated for a Grammy and more recently won a VGA award for his work on the Journey soundtrack. Before all this excitement came to pass though he was signing the contract to score another game. However, those expecting him to only work on other artful games would be wrong.


Today it was officially announced that Wintory will be providing the soundtrack for Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Reloaded. This news came via the game's Kickstarter page, probably due to Wintory himself spilling the beans in an interview last night. In reality, the plan had been in the work for months before these announcements. Wintory was contacted by Replay Games first and was receptive due to it being a sort of fantasy project for him.


So now we know the soundtrack for this Leisure Suit Larry remake is going to be good stuff. However, we still all have to wait for the game to be completed. Currently, the time frame sets the game at a launch of sometime next year.

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