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Batman: Arkham Origins Gets Multiplayer Mode

Marcus Estrada

Batman: Arkham Origins is the latest upcoming console release of ever-popular Arkham series. The game itself is still a few months away from launch but is set to hit all currently available consoles: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U. Today the news got out about a brand new multiplayer mode in the game.


Invisible Predator Online attempts to pull from the style of Arkham's Challenge Rooms. Only this time, both Batman and the burly thugs will be controlled by players. SCEA social media specialist Justin Massongill discussed this new mode on the PS Blog:


"Eight players take to the streets of Gotham in the game“s multiplayer mode: three Joker thugs, three Bane thugs, and two heroes in the form of Batman and Robin. The thugs compete to wipe out the other team and capture control points in what plays out like a third-person, cover-based shooter. Meanwhile, the two heroes prowl the playfield in an attempt to intimidate enemies and provoke the gang leaders into calling the whole operation off.


When playing as Batman or Robin, variety matters. Repeating the same takedowns over and over will result in lower and lower intimidation yields, so you“ll need to get creative. Hide in ducts and score a takedown when someone passes over you, then grapple to a gargoyle overhead to get the drop on another unsuspecting thug. Set some explosive gel and wait for the right moment to detonate, while hiding in the shadows for a surprise chokeout. The more you mix it up, the better your chances. Whatever you do, though, be careful — getting taken out will bolster your foes“ confidence, undoing a good chunk of the progress you“ve made so far.


Initially, playing as Batman or Robin seems like a privilege players will be fighting over, but I actually had more fun getting down and dirty as one of the henchmen on the field. This mode would be a fully competent third-person shooter without the heroes“ presence, but their inclusion adds a wildcard element that turns Invisible Predator Online into a completely different kind of experience."


Of course, words can only show so much about a new mode. Thankfully there was also a trailer released alongside the announcement. It is worth noting though that not every version of Batman: Arkham Origins will have Invisible Predator Online. Unfortunately, the Wii U is left out of the online equation. Everyone else will be able to enjoy the new mode when the game launches on October 25th.



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