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Batman: Arkham Origins' Collector's Edition Detailed

Jason Clement

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has spilled the beans on what we can expect to see in the Collector's Edition for Batman: Arkham Origins (for Xbox 360 and PS3 only), and the contents are pretty expansive.


The centerpiece of the CE is a highly detailed statue featuring the Joker and LED effects, produced by TriForce. Next is an 80 page, full-color hardcover art book; and other documents that are related to the game, such as 2 key pieces of evidence taken from the Gotham City Police Department crime lab, a wanted poster for Batman, a Batwing prototype schematic, an Anarky logo stencil, a glow-in-the-dark map of Gotham City, a Wayne family photo, and an Assassin's Dossier, which includes 8 files on different assassins as well as Black Hand's contract.


And if that weren't enough, it also comes with a DLC skin for first-appearance Batman (as he first appeared in 1938). In addition, the PS3 version comes with the KnightFall pack as exclusive content. The last bit of DLC comes in the form of the Deathstroke Challenge Pack, in which you can play as Deathstroke in Arkham Origin's challenge maps; it also comes with two bonus challenge maps and two bonus Deathstroke skins as well.


Last but not least, you'll get a feature-length documentary titled Necessary Evil - Super-Villains of DC Comics, which is narrated by Christopher Lee and focuses on some of the deadliest villains in DC's history. Unfortunately, this particular item won't be available in Australia and New Zealand.


All of this can be yours for a cool $120, but make sure you pre-order soon if you're interested; they're being manufactured in limited quantities (as usual). The Collector's Edition of Batman: Arkham Origins will release for Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 25, 2013 alongside the normal versions, which will also be available for Wii U and PC.

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