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Bioshock Infinite Delayed into March

Marcus Estrada

It seems that if a game is worth wanting or owning that it must be delayed at least once before launch. Well, not really, but it happens quite often anyway with highly-anticipated titles. Case in point, this is not the first time Bioshock Infinite has been delayed, but now it is being pushed further away from everyone's eager hands.


Before this delay, it was set to come out on February 26th (itself a delayed date). Now, CEO of Irrational Games, Ken Levine has shared news of the newest delay which has pushed it back another month. Now, barring a last minute delay, Bioshock Infinite will launch on March 26th.


What is the point of this delay? The game is being held back to allow for more bug-fixing and polish. Although players will not be happy to see the game delayed, they should appreciate the extra effort being put into it. Sure, the game may still be great without this extra work, but developers should not feel complacent to release bug-riddled messes. Whenever Bioshock Infinite is finally out it will be available on PC, PS3, and 360.

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