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Black Ops 2 Elite Integration Confirmed, Slightly Retooled And Free - Season Pass Announced

John Kidman

Call of Duty is one of the gaming industry's biggest staples and a best seller on an annual basis. Activision, boasting one of the largest shares in the gaming market, made waves when they announced their Call of Duty “Elite” program. Call of Duty Elite debuted last year alongside Modern Warfare 3 and offered players activities like clan operations, detailed statistic updates, contests and free downloadable content for premium members. Premium memberships cost approximately $49.99 and was originally designed to be a recurring subscription-based service.


Activision announced today that they are not abandoning Call of Duty Elite for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 release, but will be merging the free membership base with the premium base. The vast majority of Call of Duty Elite will remain intact including the ability to track all stats from previous versions of Call of Duty and existing clans. The service will also offer new options like Zombie Support and Elite TV for tablets. Unfortunately, Call of Duty Elite will not include access to downloadable content beyond Modern Warfare 3.


Activision confirmed that Black Ops 2 will be receiving downloadable content separately and through the ever-popular “Season Pass.” The season pass will run approximately $49.99 and contain access to four packs, but the content will also be available individually map packs for $14.99. The content will neither be offered for free through Elite nor can existing premium members expect any sort of discounts.


Have an existing membership code laying around? Be sure to use it before November 8 to at least unlock all current Modern Warfare 3 content.

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