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Brütal Legend Rocking Steam Later this Month

Marcus Estrada

Brütal Legend is one of those games that didn't quite know how to sell itself back in 2009. Was it a comedy, action-adventure, or RTS? The identity crisis was never quite solved and it left gamers split on opinions. The game initially saw launch on PS3 and 360 but never on computers. After four years Double Fine are finally rectifying this issue.


Later this month we will see Brütal Legend finally launch on Steam. With so long since the original release it will also be cheaper. Pre-ordering the game will give you 25% off, which equates to $15 purchase price. Remember that this price is only for pre-purchases, however, and not release week. If you do take the plunge now then you'll be granted access into the multiplayer beta.


Those who order now are also given some Team Fortress 2 items because this is Valve we're talking about here. That includes protagonist Eddie Riggs' signature hair and guitar. Brütal Legend goes live on Steam this February 26th.

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