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Bundle in a Box Eclectic Bundle Suits Many Tastes

Marcus Estrada

It's bundle season! Wait, it's always bundle season? Well, no matter, as today Kyatto Games has unveiled their third offering. Previously they have had bundles themed as adventure and deep space and are now giving out a different assortment. It is named Eclectic Delights and it has just gone live today.


Five main games are included at any purchase price over $1:

  • Delve Deeper (PC, Steam, Desura)
  • Eversion (PC/Mac, Steam)
  • Fibrillation (PC, Desura)
  • Shadows of the Vatican, Act:1 (PC, Desura)
  • War of the Human Tanks (PC, Desura)

Beating the average (currently at $2.40) gives four more games:

  • The 4th Wall (PC)
  • The Adventures of Shuggy (PC, Steam, Desura)
  • Flibble (PC)
  • Stay Dead (PC/Mac, Desura)

Delve Deeper includes all its DLC as well. All purchases (not just the higher tiers) will also get five extras, although none of them are games. These include soundtracks for The Adventures of Shuggy, Shadows of the Vatican, and War of the Human Tanks. Also included is a Shuggy comic and a soundtrack to an upcoming game, Droidscape: Basilica. There are a whole fourteen days left to decide if you want to give this bundle a try.

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