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Bungie Replaces Peter Dinklage's Voice with Nolan North's in Destiny

Jason Clement

Peter Dinklage's voice-over work as the Ghost in Destiny has been the source of much dismay among fans ever since they first heard samples of it, but it looks as if Bungie is now making that a thing of the past.


Bungie recently revealed that not only had they had tapped popular voice actor Nolan North to record the Ghost's lines in the upcoming The Taken King expansion for the game, they actually had him re-record all of the original dialogue (Dinklage's lines) as well in order to create a consistent voice over the course of the whole experience.


For his part, North doesn't seem to have any qualms about replacing Dinklage, mentioning that he's really excited for the role and hopes to evolve the character over time.


You'll get to hear North as the Ghost when Destiny: The Taken King releases on September 15.


Source: Game Informer


Do you think it was harsh of Bungie to replace Peter Dinklage's lines with that of Nolan North?

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