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Capcom Announces Mega Man Legacy Collection & Reveals E3 2015 Lineup

Jonathan Higgins

Capcom has been quiet on the Mega Man front for quite some time, but today has yielded something interesting. What you'll see below is a trailer for Mega Man Legacy Collection, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this summer--plus the Nintendo 3DS this winter. This collection features the first six original Mega Man games plus many extra features including challenges (along the lines of something like NES Remix offers), a museum (featuring sketches, as well as an interactive database that lets you learn about and fight against Mega Man“s enemies), and more.


Many folks I saw on Twitter and otherwise were comparing it to the Mega Man Anniversary Collection right away, which features the first eight Mega Man games, plus two games exclusive to that collection, Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.



While there“s no denying a discrepancy in content offered: what makes the Legacy Collection different is that developer Digital Eclipse is recreating the source code with a brand new engine for these six Mega Man games, specifically for modern consoles. You“ll be able to play the games in 1080p, and I imagine things will perform as accurately-to-the-originals as possible under the hood in comparison to the straight emulation of the Anniversary Collection and your typical Virtual Console “ROM dump”.


The fact that it“s being developed using a brand new engine may help to explain why it“s skipping Wii U, and why it“s not coming to 3DS until later on. No one“s said as much officially just yet, but I imagine it“s much harder to make this new engine work on Wii U than it is for PS4, XB1 and PC--which are all built similarly. Regardless of how you feel about the news, this seems to be a collection built with actual video game archiving in mind versus celebration. Read more about that here.


If the Mega Man news isn“t enough for you, Capcom have also revealed their entire E3 lineup. You can expect to see Resident Evil Zero, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, and the first major event appearance for Street Fighter V at E3 2015.


Are you interested in Mega Man Legacy Collection? What about other Capcom games that will be seen during E3 2015? Be sure to let us know!

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