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Cartoon Network's Regular Show Getting Game Adaptation

Marcus Estrada

If you watch Cartoon Network then chances are you've caught an episode or hundred of Regular Show. Fans of the cartoon will be pleased to know that Mordecai and Rigby are set to have their own video game in the near future. D3Publisher and Cartoon Network Entertainment made the announcement today.


Together, they are set to develop and publish a game based off the Regular Show license. Vice president of consumer products for Cartoon Network, Pete Yoder, said this about the prospect of a game based off the show:


“As a brand, Regular Show is tailor-made for an interactive release, with main characters who spend their time slacking off, playing video games or involved in hijinks that are certainly worthy of being in a game. With a show creator who loves games working closely with a partner that has proven success creating high-quality licensed titles, we“re excited to release our first Regular Show game later this year.”


D3Publisher has dealt with other cartoon adaptations before as well. They previously published multiple Ben 10 games as well as Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! only a year ago. Hopefully Regular Show fans will find the game true to the cartoon when it finally arrives.

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