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Check Out Fire Emblem: Awakening's New 'Character Progression' Trailer

Jordan Haygood

Fire Emblem: Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS will be hitting American store shelves in just a few days, and a new trailer has just been released that shows what to expect from the game in terms of its leveling system, including how characters advance their skills and change classes. This "character progression" trailer won't teach advanced players too many new things, but it certainly is helpful for newcomers. If you ARE an advanced player, though, it's still interesting to watch, and continues to show just how good the game looks:





As you can see from this trailer, characters gain experience in battle and level up, improving their stats in the process. Characters will also improve their skills with certain weapons, making them more useful in battle. And once a character reaches level 10, they are able to use a Master Seal to advance from their base class to a better one. There is also an item known as the Second Seal, which will allow players to change a character's base class.


Something else this trailer shows is the fact that characters all play their own specific role in battles. For example, some characters are purely fighters and have to rely on items to heal themselves with, while other characters, such as a cleric, can only perform healing moves, making them unable to attack enemies. Characters also have different weaknesses, which enemies are certainly aware of and will not hesitate to take advantage of.


People dying to get their hands on this game need not wait long, as Fire Emblem: Awakening will be hitting shores on February 4th.


If you're a Fire Emblem fan, how excited are you for this game? And if you haven't played any of these games before, will this one be your entry point?

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