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Choice Provisions is finally working on Runner 3

Jason Clement

Over the past few years, Choice Provisions has put out a number of different indie titles (including the arcade-like Whoa Dave! and this year's Tharsis), but die-hard fans of the developer will remember that they originally got their start as Gaijin Games and focused for a few years on building their Bit.Trip line of games.


The most popular game in that series turned out to be Bit.Trip Runner, and in 2013 they released a direct sequel/spin-off called Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien which departed from the 8-bit aesthetic of previous games and instead took more of a 3D cartoon-like look. Now, after 3 years, they're finally making another sequel in the series, this time called Runner 3.


Choice Provisions released a short teaser earlier today that literally only shows the game's title and a targeted release window of 2017, which seems to indicate that the game might still be too early to show off at this point. No platforms have been announced at this time, though Choice Provisions has supported all of the major console and handheld platforms in the past. At any rate, you can expect to hear more news on Runner 3 as we head into the new year.



Are you excited for Runner 3?

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