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Comcept Releases Playable Mockup For RED ASH In Bid to Rescue Its Kickstarter

Jason Clement

Comcept is quickly running out of time to fund their Kickstarter for RED ASH: The Indelible Legend (their Mega Man Legends-inspired game), so in an attempt to turn things around, they released a playable mockup of the game.


However, it appears to be pretty bare-bones. Comcept mentioned that the mockup exists to help people get a feel for the experience of RED ASH, but the playable character is in fact a temporary stand-in in the form of Mighty No. 9's Beck.


Additionally, the third-person shooter element that's supposed to play a large part in the gameplay is not included in this mockup. Instead, Comcept says that the mockup shows the more "whimsical and playful side" of the exploration that takes place in the game, such as interacting with townsfolk who also happen to be Mighty No. 9 stand-ins.


The mockup's bizarre and sudden appearance seems to corroborate that this is a very last minute put-together experience in a bid to garner more interest in the game's ailing Kickstarter campaign.


Will it succeed? RED ASH's campaign only has 5 days left and just a bit over $300,000 more to go, so we'll have to wait and see what happens. If you're interested in checking out the mockup, you can find more info on how to download and play it here.


Source: Kickstarter


What are your thoughts on the RED ASH mockup? Will it save the Kickstarter campaign?

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