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Cortana Downloads some Curves in Halo 4

Dominic Dimanche

In the upcoming Game Informer cover featuring some new information regarding Halo 4, 343 Studio's rendition of Master Chief's AI companion Cortana gets a new look.


From the looks of Cortana and the latest screen shots, 343 Studio's is definitely trying to make their own unique mark on the series and not remain within Bungie's developmental shadow.


Mingled with the previous footage shown of the game, it certainly feels like the style will take a more realistic look and feel (well, as realistic as giant genetically modified super space soldiers can get anyway).




She has certainly come a long way from Bungie's previous digitized look. With the new look for Cortana, what other changes does 343 Studio have in store for the Halo series?


How will Halo 4 stack up to Bungie's productions? Only time will tell.



Games Radar


What do you all think of Cortana's new look?

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