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Creative Assembly rumored to be working on a follow-up to Alien Isolation next

Jason Clement

Alien: Isolation was easily one of the best new entries the series had seen when it came out a few years back, and now we're finally hearing the first rumblings of a sequel that may be in the works.


Creative Assembly is the studio that developed the game, but they've had their hands full with Halo Wars 2 until that title shipped in February. Now the studio is rumored to be turning its attention to a follow-up Alien title according to Official PlayStation Magazine's sources, though it's too early to say whether it would be a full-blown sequel or a new Alien project with a different title.


Though Alien: Isolation sold some 2.1 million units sold across the US and Europe as of May 2015, SEGA is said to have been not entirely satisfied with sales, so whether a new Alien game could be profitable enough or not is a big factor for them. However, the topic of making another title is said to be almost a daily topic at times at Creative Assembly (according to an interview from AVP Galaxy), so the desire is definitely still here.


Whether the rumor pans out or not, it'll likely be another year or two before we find out for sure.


Source: Official PlayStation Magazine (via PlayStation Universe)


Would you be excited for a sequel to Alien: Isolation?

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