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Darksiders and Other THQ IPs Going to Nordic Games

Marcus Estrada

When the time came for THQ to sell its IPs, many gamers were curious to see where properties would end up. Last week we found that at least one IP (Homeworld) was not grabbed by TeamPixel, an indie team who had already worked on games based off the license. Today, Gearbox announced that acquisition.


What of other popular IPs such as Darksiders? Publisher Nordic Games have just announced they were the winning bid for it. Their name might not be familiar but they've brought out a handful of properties over the years, including Painkiller HD and The Book of Unwritten Tales.


Darksiders wasn't all they bought. For $4.9 million dollars they were able to purchase 150 SKUs across PC and consoles. Some of the biggest names are as follows: Darksiders, Destroy All Humans, Full Spectrum Warrior, Red Faction, Supreme Commander, and Titan Quest.



Do you think Darksiders and other games have found a good home with Nordic Games?

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