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Darkstalkers Resurrection Coming to PSN/XBLA on March 12/13

Marcus Estrada

Hey Darkstalkers fans! Are you looking for a new game? Well, that's not happening yet, but an upcoming digital release is looking to stoke those flames. Darkstalkers Resurrection has been announced by Capcom as getting Western release.


Those who are unfamiliar with Darkstalkers may assume this is the name of one game. However, it is a collection which includes Darkstalkers 3 and Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge. When the set hits XBLA and PSN it will come included with a variety of arcade-like filters and online play.


Darkstalkers Resurrection is heading to PSN first on March 12th. XBLA users only have to wait a day to get it though, as it releases there on March 13th. The game costs $15 or 1,200 Microsoft Points.


Here are some screenshots Capcom released alongside the announcement:



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