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DayZ Graduating from Mod to Standalone Game

Marcus Estrada

DayZ is one massively popular mod for the game ARMA II: Combined Operations. Perhaps it has something to do with the focus on surviving in a zombie outbreak rather than simply shooting them all in the face. Either way, the mod has been a big deal for a while now and even caused ARMA II: CO to be a top-selling title each day of the Steam Summer Sale. Earlier, the developers spoke about their desire to make it a full game and now it seems they're ready to do so.


Posted on the development blog was the news that DayZ is now being developed as a standalone title by none other than Bohemia Interactive themselves. They're the developer of the ARMA series. Of course, the project lead will still be the DayZ crew.


How exactly is this going to work out? Unfortunately the post was extremely minimal on explanations, but we do know a few things. For one, don't panic if you already purchased ARMA games just to play the mod. As the standalone game receives updates so too will the mod. At least, that's what they intend to be the case right now. In regards to the new game, it will be priced similar to how Minecraft was. That means the earliest versions of the game will be cheap and slowly increase in price until the finished version arrives.

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