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Dead Island Devs Show Off New Hack-and-Slash "Project Hell"

Marshall Henderson

The Dead Island devs are back in the blood-and-gore business with a game code named Project Hell, but this time it isn't quite the zombie-smashing romp that you may have come to expect.


"Project Hell" is a monster-mashing first person hack-and-slash that presumably takes place in some sort of fantasy world of some variety. Ye olde buildings and monster-looking concept art seems to imply that maybe the tropical wonderland feeling isn't quite what Techland was going for here.


The base concept came from Marcin "MZM" Zygadlo, one of the members of the development team, when he was making an independent weapon mod. It apparently allows the player to freeze enemies with magic and beat them with weapons, and that birthed the original thought. The idea seems to have evolved into a game designed around bashing up undead monsters to get to boss monsters.


Things look pretty early on right now, with a few scraps of concept art and a general idea, but the team has an idea and is supposedly largely autonomous, so we'll see where they go.


As for platform, PC seems to be the goal right now, but they aren't discounting the idea of Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

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