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Dead Island: Riptide Gets Worst Special Edition Ever in Europe

Marcus Estrada

A lot of the time when the United States gets something cool Europe can only watch with jealousy. Every once in a while games or their limited editions arrive only in the UK to the dismay of American fans. However, in the case of Dead Island: Riptide's newly announced "Zombie Bait" edition, no fans in either region are pleased.


First, you get the expected items such as a steelbook, collectible artwork cards, and some DLC weapons. Then you get a statue, which is also common in special editions except for the fact that it is depicting a horrifically bloodied torso of a woman. Both the head and arms of the statue are lobbed off so all you can see is a "sexy" torso in a bikini. Certainly this is all Dead Island fans in Europe have been waiting for. Or not.


Perhaps realizing their pack in is obscenely creepy, Deep Silver also notes that this is an "extremely limited" edition of the game. Still, this seems like something people would hide in their closets rather than making a "striking conversation piece" on a gamer's mantel, as they suggest. You can get your hands on a less disturbing version of the Dead Island: Riptide here in the US on April 23rd for PS3, 360, and PC.


Edit: Although the press of this edition came out yesterday, it took until today for sites to take notice and voice their personal distaste over it. Now Deep Silver has apologized via Twitter for any offense they may have caused. As such, they will never do this sort of thing again - but the Zombie Bait edition will still be available.

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