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Diablo III Gets an Official Release Date

Marcus Estrada

After having only very vague release information before (which would always be pushed back) we now have an official release date for the highly anticipated Diablo III. The news broke early in the morning at both the Blizzard Entertainment and Battle.net blogs. What they said was simple - it will be out on May 15th.


The third in a series of much-loved computer action roleplaying games has been anticipated for years since Diablo II's release. Since it was officially announced in 2008 we've been met with vague release quarters and little else. It seems this time it's for real though. Battle.net is even offering up the ability to pre-purchase a digital copy now. If you do so you'll even be able to download the game from now up to release but it will be encrypted until launch.


Diablo III will be out for both Windows and Mac machines at launch. It will cost $59 whether you purchase the digital or retail version. However, don't forget the Collector's Edition of the game which will come with a bunch of other stuff for $99. If you'd like to chat further about the game, why not drop by this thread?



Are you glad Diablo III finally has a release date? Has your interest in the game grown or diminished?

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