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DICE 2013: Ouya Nabs Console Launch of the Double Fine Adventure Game

Marcus Estrada

Some big names have taken to the stage of DICE 2013 in its opening day. Gabe Newell, J.J. Abrams, and David Cage have already had their say on various topics. Alongside those juggernauts was Julie Uhrman who you may recognize as the Ouya CEO. She had her own time to shine as she revealed some new big names that are on board to support the upcoming system.


She announced that Double Fine Productions is on board to bring some of their games to the Android-based platform. Recently released The Cave will see release on it, but more interestingly, so too will Double Fine Adventure. This game, currently going under the name Reds, is the one which took Kickstarter by storm last year. It was a massive success reaching far beyond its goals and helped catapult Kickstarter as the place to go for crowd funding projects.


What's so special about the release of Reds on Ouya? Well, it will be the only console to receive the game during its launch window. It is still set to come to PC, of course, but those hoping for immediate XBLA or PSN launch will be disappointed. This doesn't rule out the game hitting systems later, but there is still some degree of exclusivity.



Is Ouya on track to be a positive influence in the gaming world or does it need more games to make it stand out?

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