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Did Sony Just Reveal Uncharted 4?

Jordan Haygood

On the lovely day of Valentine's Day, Sony aired an episode of their PlayStation-oriented broadcast known as PULSE via the PlayStation Network. During the episode, Christina Lee, the show's hostess, talked a long while about things such as Twisted Metal, what demos are available on the PSN, and PSVITA launch titles.


But that's not all.


Later in the episode, Miss Lee made an announcement that has no doubt sparked intrigue in the hearts of Nathan Drake fans everywhere. After bringing up the online multiplayer contest that is Uncharted 3 meets Training Camp, in which players record their most stylish taunts and upload them to youtube.com/sonymakedotbelieve, our lovely hostess talked about the prize.


What is it, you ask?


Naughty Dog, the folks behind the whole series, will hand-pick their Top 10 taunts, and the Community will vote for the winner. The top two taunters will then go up against each other in a one-on-one deathmatch. Whoever comes out victorious will - and this is the big announcement right here - become a part of "the next Uncharted game." This might just be another side-game like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but hopefully this is the announcement of an Uncharted 4 being in the works.


What do you think about this possible announcement of Uncharted 4?


Source: Anime Genius

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