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Don't Like Bioshock Infinite's Cover? Vote for an Alternate One


You might have heard about the recent controversy over the reveal of Bioshock Infinite's official cover art. Fans weren't happy with the stereotypical "guy with a big ol' gun", claiming that sort of thing isn't what Bioshock is all about. While Irrational Games won't be changing the official cover, they've taken note of your concerns and are offering the chance for you to vote on a reversible cover design.


There are six different covers to choose from. Right now, design #4 is in the lead, while design #1 is dead last with only 5% of the votes.


And if you want even more designs to choose from, then Irrational Games will be offering "a whole mess of MORE alternate covers" that will be available to download and print.




Which alternate cover design is your favorite?

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