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Double Fine Produces Boxed Set of Amnesia Fortnight Games

Marcus Estrada

Double Fine is a company many of us are familiar with, but less may be aware of what Amnesia Fortnight is. The event happens yearly and is when Double Fine takes a break from any big projects, gets into groups, and develops prototypes of different game ideas over the span of two weeks. This year, they got the community at large involved in voting on the games to be prototyped, as well as streaming their creation live.


Another first for Double Fine was announced today with the reveal of an Amnesia Fortnight Special Edition Boxed Set. This physical set comes with two discs which contain the five prototyped games of 2012: Autonomous, Black Lake, Hack 'n' Slash, Spacebase DF-9, The White Birch. Also included are docmentaries for the games filmed by 2 Player Productions of Mojang: The Story of Minecraft fame. Then there are three older prototypes for Brazen, Costume Quest, and Happy Song. Finally, soundtracks for each of the games are included. All of this is available at the cost of $30.


Of course, you could choose to upgrade your order with a cover image of your favorite game signed by that project's lead. If you get one then that will up the cost to $45. If you can't decide and want signed covers for each of the five games then you'll be paying $70 instead. Those who just want the content without any physical media can purchase a download at the much cheaper $10.


The Amnesia Fortnight Special Edition Boxed Set is currently not available, so these are all pre-orders right now. A release date has yet to be announced although it should be coming shortly. All games included are Windows-only and very much prototypes. Don't expect to be getting five fleshed out Double Fine experiences if you place an order.


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