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Dragon's Dogma Gets Challenging with Hard Mode, Time Attack

Marshall Henderson

So you've beaten Dragon's Dogma, that's cool... if you're a chump. For those of you with the marbles to take on a real challenge, take a look at the upcoming Challenge Mode content for Dragon's Dogma


While few who have faced off against an Ogre in close-quarters would say Dragon's Dogma is a super-easy game, but if you feel like Gran Soren just doesn't hold the challenge it once did, hey, this Challenge Mode is for you.


What does it have? Why, everything a challenge-hungry Arisen could ever ask for! For those still in for the thrill of adventure, a Hard Mode is unlocked after the main story is completed. This is basically, as you'd expect, the game, but harder. After beating the Hard Mode, some new equipment will be unlocked... in case you want to do Hard Mode again, I guess.


But you're not in it for that, you've mastered the story mode. You're thirsty for challenge, and challenge is what you'll get, maybe. The Time Attack mode can earn players different gear, like Selene's gear and Barnaby's gear. This is just speculation, but Time Attack is probably a mode where you fight boss monsters or something in a time trial?


Either way, this will be available a challenge master's favorite price: free. Keep an eye out for it on December 4th on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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