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DuckTales Remastered Also Coming to PC

Marcus Estrada

When DuckTales Remastered was announced it seemed like gamers everywhere were almost ready to give up their Capcom hate. Instead, they lavished praise primarily with the developers - WayForward - and began the long wait for the game's release on consoles.


Those who don't have a Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii U don't have to worry about how they'll play the game as Capcom announced it is coming to a great deal of digital PC storefronts as well. Steam is the biggest name on the list. Of course, Capcom didn't need to work its way through Greenlight for that.


Aside from Steam, DuckTales Remastered was also confirmed as coming to GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, Impulse, and Origin. There are going to be more as well, but these were the only sites the blog post named. DuckTales is still shooting for a summer launch.



What system will you play DuckTales Remastered on?

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